Frequently Asked Questions

How do I download my images (if part of your contract or purchased)?
As part of most of our contracts we include the ability for our clients to download all or some of the photos from your gallery. To do so you will need to go to and locate your gallery. In some cases your gallery will be password protected. If you do not know the password please contact the photographer or Vixen Photo Studio at [email protected] for the password.
Once you are logged in and on the thumbnail view of your gallery you will see a "Select Photos" option at the top of the page. Click this "box". Then you will click the "Download" box. You will be presented with another window that asks you if you want to select certain photos to download or if you want to download the entire gallery. You may be asked for a special download password as well, this protects the images not only from being seen but also from someone downloading your photos without permission.
You will then begin downloading a large ZIP file of all of the images you selected. This file may be larger then 500mb and may take a while to download, please be patient and allow it to finish. Once you have the files downloaded you can burn them to a CD for safe keeping.
What is the quality of the images I download?
We use only the highest quality cameras and allow you to download the full resolution photos that are taken with the equipment we have.
Can I order prints, DVD or USB Drive of images from my event?
We offer the ability to download all of the images online however if you need or want we can print copies of an image for you as well as provide you a DVD or USB Drives of the images at an additional charge. Once the images are uploaded to our website, we allow you to download and print at home for free! We do offer our clients a special print pricing which is lower then what is advertised on our website so please contact us for details.